26 August 2013

ultimate armageddon vehicle - VW baja bug

The boys and I rallied up for the swap meet this morning,
and pics of this bitchin little baja bug was about all we took home.
bug-eye vw baja bug - 1967?

What a simple recipe for all around transportation,
and a great way to salvage a wrecked beetle.
These are the model T's of my generation.
They used to be common,
I've had at least 3 that I remember.
The perfect gearhead car.
VW Baja Bug

Many "back in the day" memories with these things.
You could swap an engine using skateboards or bricks.
The "how to keep your volkswagen alive" book was the bible.
If your ever in need of a good read go get it.
Good stuff even if you don't have a VW.
ultimate armageddon vehicle - VW baja bug

I've always liked the narrow or bug-eye kit.
Supposedly allows room for bigger front tires.
This one had super straight body and looked like an old build.
These are the cars that feel like they're flying after 60MPH,
those cut down fenders act like wings.
baja bug interior

Definitely high on the list of Ultimate Armageddon Vehicles.


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