05 August 2013

king of clubs - 2013

My favorite San Diego hot rod event has got to be
the King of Clubs car show and drag race out in Barona.
The drive is under an hour,
the show isn't so big it's overwhelming,
and there are guys pushing there vintage equipment on the track.
What could be better,
other than bands like Deadbolt playing into the night!?
king of clubs car show - barona - 2013

This is the first time driving Chief (1929 RPU) out there.
A buddy Aaron filled the passenger spot,
and we were off to the races.
barona or bust

A couple other car friends met us half way,
and we sped into the hot hills of the Barona Indian Reservation,
where they had carved out the perfect 1/8 mile drag strip,
dirt track and campsite.
The flathead was sweating it out on the hot grade that's for sure.
hot rods

This show is extra cool as camping is allowed,
and the area is dominated by the racers needing pit space.
We were lucky to get a spot as the small car show area was packed.
kiwi-kevin perry's 1940 willy's coupe

There are some big time vintage race cars out there,
but most of the guys have mid-budget daily driver hot rods.
A couple engine mods and a rear tire swap,
and test out your christmas tree skills.
shade tree drag race team

This is the stuff that motivates my building addiction.
Shiny show cars don't seem to have as much fun.
The racing requirements are simple-
-helmet, seat belt, battery hold down, and a radiator catch can.
So what was my excuse for not racing?
I've got nothing other than being chicken.
The pickup runs so good right now,
I'm not ready to break it and have 3 car projects.
Yeah that's lame I know.
Next year!
1936 ford 3-window burnout

We sat through all the racing we could handle.
There is enough variety and competition,
the time flew by.
bean bandits - king of clubs - 2013

The 1/8 mile track is the perfect length for us bystanders on the bleachers.
Way better view than at the Irwindale Raceway.
I missed out on the pics of the mini-bikes.
SBF ford hauler

The line-up was short enough that each racer could get 10 passes in the day.
That's alot of practice to dial in both the car and the drivers foot.
That christmas tree light takes some practice.
1940 willy's vs 1940 ford truck

It was good to see Kevin's Willy's out on the track.
For years it was stuck under his lemon trees.
purple people eater

The PPE made a couple 100+mph passes.
hayabusa drag racer

This guy had a really trick Hayabusa.
Check out the extended trailing arms.
The track is probably too short for him,
I think he got to 127MPH under 6 seconds.
hot rod ford trucks

This 1940 ford pickup was my pick.
The girl driving babied it a bit too much,
but what can I say she was on the track and I was drinking a coors tall!
Really made me want to get our rusty 40 on the road,
and hopefully on the track next year.
1937? chevy truck

I had seen this truck smokin' the Mooneyes Xmas drag race.
It has a built GMC 302 6 cylinder engine and hauls butt.
Check out the electric motor for the water pump.
302 Jimmy 6

I'd love to have this engine in an open wheeled hot rod.
purple people eater - busted

This is the downside of racing.
The Purple People Eater lost a pulley.
Good thing it didn't spin through the radiator!
Shifters - King of Clubs - 2013

This orange Chevy pickup was Aaron's pick.
The airbag setup was very trick.
Aaron Vandemark - 2013

This 49-53 chevy pickup was also really cool.
I've always liked this style truck.
1949-53 chevy truck - slammed

This little 29 RPU was a shocker.
It had been in mothballs for 4 years.
One of the first hot rods of the revived younger generations.
Jonny Guilmets - 1929 ford roadster pickup

I remember Jonny hauling ass coming home on the way from Paso.
Nothing like a hot rod at speed.
Joey Guilmet's  1932 5-window coupe

Jonny's brother Joey has a bitchin' survivor '32 coupe.
Lucky to have found it locally in almost the same condition.
Big Nick

And the "badass award" has got to go to this guy Big Nick.
I've been talking to this guy for a couple years now online.
He packed up his motorcycle shop and moved out to San Marcos.
See that shovelhead he's got next to him?
He actually rode it all the way from New York,
and since his move that is his only transportation.
Great to finally meet him in person.
1929 ford roadster pickups

We packed it up early and didn't stay for the night bands.
I'm sure we missed a good time,
but this ride was gonna turn into a pumpkin.
hot rod view

The drive home was mellow and thankfully uneventful.
I had warned Aaron that there was a possibility of getting stranded.
Anything can happen with a 6-volt flathead and this time it didn't.
Aaron Vandemark & Travis Perich

My skin took the worst beating.
I had some serious raccoon eyes for a couple days.
So now you may realize why I'm a bit more mechanically stimulated.
It's so easy to get bogged down,
and forget that a car project is meant to be driven.



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