30 August 2013

stool time - overhauling brakes

With the Ventura Nationals coming up this weekend,
it was long ago obvious the green 40 wasn't gonna be a driver.
Too many things on the STD list to rush it,
and the one thing out of my control - the driveshaft,
is still not finished.
stool time

That doesn't mean I'm not chipping away at it every evening.
The rear brakes were questionable,
time to bring out the stool.
ford 8 inch bendix brake

When measuring up the brake lines,
I noticed the bleeder bolt had been twisted off,
the threads jammed into both wheel cylinders.
At $10 a pop,
this was an easy decision to swap out rather than rebuild.
seized ford wheel cylinder

This was a typical $100 craigslist 8" rear end,
with the good old "just was pulled" story.
There was no way this guy had any rear brakes!
A little seized up.

There's quite a bit going on underneath that drum.
The emergency brake is a tricky mechanism,
and I had to open up the other side to copy how to put it back.

Here's a picture of the underside if anyone is ever in a bind.
It's easy after the first one.
ford 8"  bendix + emergency brake setup

The passenger side was a simple dry overhaul.
The driver side a little trickier.
The rear seal had leaked enough to pickle the entire system with oil.
A little diesel cleaned everything up no problem...
fire - degreasing oily brake shoes

But what about the oil soaked shoes?
There was enough meat on them to last a couple thousand miles,
so I decided to pull a old trick out of the hat.
Here's a quick "how to" - degreasing oily brake shoes.
holey chit - dry brake shoes!

Very easy.
Brush or spray some kind of solvent cleaner
- acetone, brake spray, moonshine hooch...gas...
and clean up the majority of the oily dirt.
While they're still moist,
light them on fire!
Wipe and repeat a couple times,
and wow - you got some clean dry brake shoes!
1940 ford coupe

You think not the most earth friendly way to do this?
Less emissions than driving down to the parts store,
and buying some cardboard + plastic packed new shoes sent from China.
Ok before everyone's panties are in a bunch,
here's a couple cute kid pictures to distract ya...
grease monkey Macey - 2013

There was a miss when running the engine,
and Macey found out there was a cracked spark plug.
I seriously couldn't keep her away from that engine!
She's gonna be trouble that's for sure.
Macey James Perich - 2013

Until next time...


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