26 December 2012

duck duck duck goose

Over the weekend our friend Sloppy dropped by
so we took him by the Sunday swap meet to check out all the junk.

There's always a treasure to lure money out of the pockets.
Some are easy to pass up.
bobcat pelt

Sloppy had his eye on this bosozuka style bike.
Just kidding,
I made him pose by it.
california bosozuka style

I found this weird pair of orange birds.
LE Smith bittersweet birds

Definitely made by the same manufacturer of the glass I posted last week.
perich brothers (and sister): christmas in december - part 1
I found out the maker was L.E. Smith,
and those vases are swung vases from the late 60's.
Kinda cool to know after all these years.
Yeah I passed on these too!

I couldn't resist at least one score.
This 1970 leg-o-matic chair was sitting proudly in a stall.
We got there so late it was unusual to see a deal like this.
1970 leg-o-matic chair folded

I've got a tendency to collect similar things.
perich brothers (and sister): simple things - leg-o-matic
Only thing is 3 is a collection,
so I'll be on the hunt for another one,
but almost hope to find an unmatching one now.
leg-o-matic chairs

That was about it other than a pile of cheap vegetables.
We also passed up an overpriced stingray and other photo-less junk.
Gotta know when to say when!


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