05 December 2012

the future?

Back in October we sniffed out a cool little car show down here,
the 2012 British Car Day - San Diego.
You know something is going on when there are 4 or 5 old english cars
driving down the main drag,
so we followed them to the park down at Liberty Station.
electric 1970 MGB

First off there were a ton of really bitchin cars down there,
but I've got to get them off my phone first which takes forever.

Out of all the cars,
why would I write about a somewhat plain MGB.
Well since everyone likes to show off there cars with their hoods up,
this guy was showing off a slew of batteries.

It kinda makes me think how lucky we are to burn gas.
Right now electric cars are the 1 out of 1000's,
but there will be a time when this will be standard.
In reality,
the amount of daily driving most people could handle the limited distance.
Lucky for us there are tons of these little light foreign cars to convert.
electric car batteries

I did some quick research and found the owner is a wizard,
not only in figuring out how to convert the car,
but also by funding it!
La Jolla High School teacher receives grant from Best Buy | La Jolla Light
Dang smart Mr Teachworth!

For all of us that can't get an $18K grant for parts and have our minions do the labor,
it was refreshing to learn that there are people that do this in their garages,
scrapping parts from forklifts and junkyards.
(Internet search electric car and motorcycle conversions when you're bored.)

Yeah it is weird without the exhaust sound.
At least there's a little hope!


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