11 December 2012

mooneyes 2012 xmas lot (vii)

Last time I wrote we were at the Vons parking lot...
perich brothers (and sister): pre-mooneyes marathon (viii)
Sloppy and I jumped onto the freeway shanker style,
and headed up to the Irwindale Speedway.
I was expecting to see a caravan of hot rods and customs driving up,
but there was only one street rodded 40 sedan the whole way.
We weren't even that late it was still before 7am.
Well we got to the exit and there were a TON of cars.
We didn't preregister,
so had to find our way to the commoner entrance.
mooneyes xmas 2012

We finagled our way to the front of the line,
one of the benefits of having no fan and a steamy radiator.
Then parked in the suburbia lot away from cockfight central.
29 ford roadster pickups
sophorn "sloppy" sin (low) & travis perich (high)

Sloppy's car is bitchin.
It's one of the earlier RPU's with the tire higher then the bed.
Pat Lash and him really solidified the nor-cal lower then low look.

We took a walk and I had no idea the show was this big.
Last Mooneyes show I went to was at the police department parking lot,
which was years ago.
This show had over a thousand cars.
In a cool way there was no real focus on one certain type.
Lowriders, customs, hot rods, vw's, vans, dragsters, muscle cars, bikes, trucks...
they all had a showing.
kinda lowrider

It's tough to choose which pictures to post up here.
Other people take better shots than I do...

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Here's some pics of stuff that I don't get to see all the time.
not a chopper

I'd ride this bike.
bitchin vw type 2 bus

This bus was so clean.
There was another '71 camper that looked new,
but dang it no picture.
1968-74 ford econoline van

I've got a thing for the early ford vans.
Such a cool style.
I grew up with one of these so its imprinted in my brain!
shiny engine

Gotta love show cars too.
I think this is from Paradise Road in Japan.
Must have frequent flyer miles going back and forth!
sleeper chevy drag truck

This truck smoked down the 1/8 mile drag.
I think it may have a 6-cylinder not sure.
Liked the sleeper look.
tough 1951 chevy

There were so many 50's chevy's I lost count.
This one was probably the fastest.

The dragstrip brought some historic race cars...
twin chevy dragster

And some newer creations of the old style.
Love to see that someone can build something like this,
and have the huevos to straddle it down the strip.
pit bike

This was a cool pit bike.
Lots going on in such a simple machine.
kawasaki 750 - trouble

This was another interesting bike.
You'll probably never see me on something like this.
Not anytime soon anyway!
1929 ford roadster

Here's a couple roadsters.
The problem with me and hot rods is I can pick them apart.
Way too critical.
1932 ford roadster

This 32 had some trick parts.
I'll do a separate post on it sometime when I'm on a dry spell.

There's the first part of the day.
More to come!



  1. That was a fun show. Really dug the variety of machines.

  2. Yeah that was fun hanging out.
    Great to get the RPU's back on the road!
    Can't believe you rallied to the chopper fest.
    You're a hardcore gearhead.

    YOKOHAMA 2013!