14 December 2012

saved from the scrap heap

For years I've been kicking around this old cadillac/lasalle transmission.
1938-53  cadillac transmission

It was so clean on the outside,
and wasn't seized.
I figured it was something worth hoarding.
cadillac/lasalle transmission

Out of curiosity I removed the bottom cover plate.
Holey chit.
The gears were totally pitted!
Water must have been in there for years.
To get this bad there had to have been some rust in there,
but the strange thing is the insides were totally  clean.
Some bumpkin had to have disassembled the innards,
cleaned them up,
and thrown it back together!
holey chit

For 6 or so years this thing was basically a boat anchor.
A heavy one too!
Time to send it to greener pastures.

I considered scrapping it,
but made a half-hearted attempt to find a new owner.
Of all places the most interested person lived in England.
Holey double chit!

Way too long for one of those plastic totes,
it took me a while to figure out how to make a crate.
Not that it is difficult to make one,
it's just hard to make one on the cheap.

Using some pallet scrap, new wood, mikes patch panel scrap, and some old rope,
a strong box appeared over the course of a couple days.
screwed - glued - taped - tied

Definitely not a show piece for my wood work!
The ends were covered in packing tape,
to keep it together as well as protect from splinters.
I've come to respect that plastic tape,
it's some strong stuff.

The plastic rope handle is threaded through the base,
and wraps around the transmission,
so the box isn't really a structural piece,
more of a protective cover.
child labor

The kids were barely able to move it.
No wonder that piece of junk weighed in at 112 pounds!
Fortunately the guy wanted it that bad.
how to  ship a transmission!

UPS was the cheapest to get it out to the middleman out east.
I am glad it is finally gone!


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