08 January 2012

simple things - leg-o-matic

On friday I was driving to the shop,
and passed by an "estate sale" sign.
Of course I had to circle back and scrounge around.

leg-o-matic chair

Friday estate sales are the best as it beats the weekend hordes,
but this one was a little sparse.
There was this really cool little chair though.

leg--o-matic chair
july 1970
Bridgeport Conn.

It was in the old couples room,
situated next to the window and dresser,
like they used it every day to take their shoes on and off.


I gotta buy anything with white or cream naugahyde,
 especially when it's only $3!

inset cushion

It's a trippy chair.
It looks simple but it's really not.
The cushion is inset in angled cut wood,
not just a cushion screwed onto a flat piece.


My friend Chip (pronouneced cho-ip)
suggested this song for today.
Actually it's the ripping last half of a 2 parts.
Listen for the fry-gasm at about 2:40 or so.

Jerry Garcia Band - Lonesome and a Long Way from Home
April 3, 1976


you're thinking why is this guy so infatuated with a friggin' chair.
Enough to write about it.

wooden folding chair

Well the kicker is this thing folds into a compact package.
Usually folding chairs are tall and bulky.

JUL 1970

This chair was probably not folded for a long time,
as it was a little sticky and tricky to figure out.

little seat

This is just what we needed.
A super stashable seat that matches 70's stereo equipment.


You may remember I was trying to make some space in the living room.
So now this thing stashes away perfectly.

what chair?

And the cool thing is its not a kids mini seat.


But the kids will be hogging it up the most.

perich kids

Fun times huh?



  1. It's found a place in our modelers corner!
    No more hiding behind the door.