31 December 2012

wring out the old year

In a mad rush to end the year,
I really wanted to see how the 40 would look outside.
Actually I had already rolled it out of the garage,
without a tie rod attached.
It was really easy to go out,
but holey heck it didn't want to go in!
The wheels would turn out every 6 inches!
Should I say it was dark and rainy as well?
chief and the june bug
1929 roadster pickup & 1940 ford coupe

This time I did a rough alignment,
and also attached the steering box.
I've got a 525 box that needs to be adapted in there,
and that is one of the next things on my list.
Otherwise I'll get the exhaust all figured out first,
and then have to modify it to the new larger box.
1940 ford street rod coupe

Anyway this is how it sits after all that cutting and flipping.
I'm totally satisfied at this point.
Even if it is getting to be a bit of a street rod,
 with some hot rod & moonshiner added in.

After the drive to the mooneyes show,
I'll be happy to have a car that can drive with the traffic.
It should get lower with another couple hundred pounds of weight,
and hopefully a couple hundred miles.
There's a good STD list so I've got til May of next year,
when the non-op registration can be renewed.
1940 ford moonshiner coupe

So here's to a HAPPY NEW YEAR if I don't post again for a couple hours!



  1. The car looks tough. Its gonna be quite awesome on the road.I can already see you and your whole family in it cruising down the road and having a great time.

  2. I can see one of the kids sneaking it out in the middle of the night!