23 December 2012

cootie shot

We're lucky that our kids love drinking water.
They're a little germophobic though,
and prefer the filtered water from those coin machines,
not the tasty tap water that I'll stomach.
hooking up refrigerator water

That means we've got a dozen gallon containers,
and there's a bi-weekly trek to the store for the refills.
Jaxon usually takes charge and loads them up in that dock cart,
and walks the couple blocks.
It's only a hundred pounds or so no big deal!
hose time

Well that new-old fridge has that water dispenser deal,
and we had to try it out.
plumber jake

A quick trip to the home depot and we had all the supplies for cheap.
Ours already had a hose outlet for the washing machine,
so we found a splitter that had 2 ball valves in it.
This is less than half the price of the brass splitter,
and hopefully will last long enough to save the $8.
hose party

Jake took charge and helped out with plumbing duty.
In less than 20 minutes we had everything hooked up with no leaks.

I had to drill a hole through the wall to get the hose to the fridge spot,
and Jake used a chopstick to use as a guide to get it to the other side.
When he pulled it out I opened the valve.
It was kinda funny like spraying a cat.
Yeah it was premeditated,
I unplugged the refrigerator first!
water connoisseur  Jaxon

I had already cleaned up the unit with some 409,
dang that stuff works good,
and ran the new filter in as well.
After some water was run through the system,
it was time to try it out.
Not too bad.
If Jaxon is smiling then it's gotta be good.
glass party

So now we can stash the water bottles for emergency use.
We still have a problem with one time glasses though!
If they're on a countertop they're basically contaminated.
The kids don't use glasses with cooties
and no a cootie shot doesn't work.

Circle Circle Dot Dot - now you got the cootie shot!



  1. HI
    Thanks for reading!
    We've had it hooked up and it's working great.
    So much easier than filling up water bottles!