05 December 2012

devil's advocate

Some more English Invasion pictures that were stuck in my phone.
These are from that same British Car Day 2012 show as the previous post.

So it is 1955,
and you are buying your first used car.
austin healey 100

By now these Austin Healey 100's are a couple years old.
Why on earth would you want to buy a big ole 1953 chevy or ford,
when you could have one of these 100 MPH roadsters,
and still get over 20 MPG,
and be the coolest looking car on the road.
Check out that folding windshield Holey Chit.
austin healey 100

Sure they've got some tiny european engine,
and the only mechanic in town was twice the price.
Tear that thing out,
and wedge in a SBC!
austin healey 100 -  hot rod

When you pick up your date,
you prop the windshield back up to vertical,
now her hair won't get all messy.
The "get lucky" windshield.
austin healey 100

Really the only negative I could see,
was the roadway full of lumbering Big 3 beasts.
Which is better - handling or barge-like steel?
AC Ace

Then there's the Big Daddy AC Ace at 1" longer all around.
I guess that's not much more mass,
but hey once a SBF is in there whose gonna catch ya.
AC Ace

Dang it must have been tough back then with all these cars to choose from.
Who am I to talk.
Would I trade one of our prewar hot rods for one of these?


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