13 December 2012

mooneyes 2012 wrap up

One of the things I have been missing about not going to car shows,
is seeing friends that are hard to reach otherwise,
or even meeting new (to me) people that just want to talk hot rod.
stool time at mooneyes 2012 xmas party

There were so many people at the mooneyes show,
and so many guys wearing the flannel and dickies uniform,
that recognizing people in the crowd gets blurry.
Fortunately I brought the stool,
and spent some time just hanging out by Chief talking to people.

Having a respectable hot rod is the best way to break the ice,
and we were lucky to have 2 of them.
Different people gravitate towards certain cars,
and it's always fun to shoot the shit and know what people think.
Some guys/girls have similar projects,
maybe with totally different styles but something catches their eye.
I met a good amount of people just BSing.
hot rodders - chris bradford & travis perich

A couple chance meetings really sweetened the trip for me.
One of them was an old friend Chris from up in Ventura.
I've known him for many years,
but after the move down to SD it was hard to keep in touch.
At the old shop,
this was one of the guys that I'd see at least once a week if not more,
he'd stop by with his dune buggy, hot rod, or harley.
When Macey was a baby he'd actually hold her if I got busy,
actually he helped with all the kids!
We took our roadster pickups to the last antique nationals in palmdale.
Anyway after almost 5 years there was easily a half hour of old time conversation.
He filled me in on some of the going's on up there.

One of the super sad subjects was another friend of ours,
Dan (Danny) Gray had died about 4 years earlier.
He was also a retired firefighter (like chris) a hot rodder and really a Harley guy.
I had breakfast with him only a couple months before he passed away,
and had always wondered how he was doing.
Big bummer to hear that news.
Crazy to think that I had known him for almost 20 years.
Really both these guys grounded me more than I know.
Both of them saw the evolution of me from a single guy to a family guy,
and were interested in all the projects or hobbies I went through.

Bummer I don't have a picture of Dan or his toys to post up here.
He had 2 sportsters and a knucklehead and he rode every day.
For years he ran his main sportster with no alternator,
and he'd do an almost daily pass around Lake Casitas,
always home before dark cause no headlight!

In a perfect way he died of a heart attack,
at a rest stop during a ride.
They found his body next to his motorcycle!
Great to see you Chris!
roadster pickup sandwich
zap and me

Another guy I haven't seen in forever was Zap Teshima.

Zap is the definition of a photographer,
while I am the definition of a picture taker!

This is the guy behind many great photographs (and videos)
and is one of the eyes that brought the hot rod scene to Japan.
zap teshima and travis perich - 2012

Just so you know,
it is very rare to see him in a picture,
he's usually behind the camera.
Here's all the pics our drunk neighbor took!
where's sloppy?

It was great to catch up and know that he and his family are doing well.
Mooneyes was fortunate to have him take pictures of their show,
so here's to hoping they recognize Chief and Sloppy's RPU!

Yokohama 2013!

I should have made a big ole sign in front of our pickups!
cannonball indian #80

After the show I couldn't resist a quick pass by Chabott Engineering.
team chabott engineering

There is always something cool going on in their place,
and fortunately for us Ayu is keeping the masses informed.
shinya kimura @ chabott engineering
(She's another one rarely seen in front of the camera!)
chabott engineering

My organization skills could take a lesson from this shot!
Watching their shop morph through the years has been interesting,
it's like the ocean bringing the treasures up with the tide,
and taking some away.
Chief, Ayu, Shinya, Travis

This was the first time I've driven the hot rod to their shop.
Shinya donated a cool toolbox and a lucky puppy for the trip home.
Thanks guys!!
new good luck pup

The cinderella effect was beginning,
and it was time to get back on the road.
Kid duty!
I estimated it a little too close at a mile a minute,
and the traffic ruined my ETA but made it by 7pm.
No problem!

Here's the numbers.
$60 total in 89 octane gas - 15 gallons.
286+ yahoo map miles = 19 MPG.
Not too bad for a hot rod.
I've still got more gas then when I started.
The south traffic really messed up the gearing,
as there were many non-overdrive miles.
gassing up

Old Chief got me home safe and sound.
Actually the sound part is still up in the air.
I used those little foam ear plugs and a beanie,
and after driving 4-5 hours with my head between 2 pipes,
my whole body was buzzing.
It felt great!


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