28 December 2012

charting the course

Over Christmas we got together with the extended family.
On my Mom's side,
there's a good turnout as she is 1 of 6 and we're breeders!

Well my oldest cousin Cherie is the bruja of the family,
and she's been into the horoscope thing forever,
passed down from my grandmother (yaya).
Back then they had these thick annual books,
but now it's all plug and play online.
virgo forecast 2013

Somehow I got roped into getting my horoscope done.
She whipped out this creepy chart,
and was able to translate it in a way too clear way.
I don't even know her good enough to read my mind!

Basically I'm screwed for the next couple years -
is that a cliff or a jump up ahead!?

I better get started!

Thanks Cherie!


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