19 December 2012

christmas in december - part 1

Over the weekend we had a reason to pull down our collection of orange glassware.
bitchin ORANGE glass

Why in the world would we have a relatively large collection of orange glass.
The wife and I found these piece by piece
at either thrift stores or garage sales over the years.
I've never found the maker or the year.
We have realized there are many different variations on the flutes or bumps,
and have limited this crazy addiction to this pumpkin-like design.
Sadly two of the pieces have gone by the wayside.
We're definitely a bull in a glass shop family!
old and new

The reason for the change up was a desperately needed new-old fridge.
We rent and the old one was owner-supplied,
and it should have been replaced 4 years ago.
extra large

We scored this one at a family friend house sale.
When that happens,
it means modifying the house to fit the appliance!

It seemed easy enough.
Fortunately the 50's builders
had foretold the massive size of refrigerators in the 21st century.
There was exactly the right amount of width space needed,
but not height.
kitchen archaeology

While I was hacking away,
there were signs of past modifications for the same reason,
done by similar "get it done" type workmanship!
It was tricky to get that last chunk out,
I'm sure a woodworker has the proper saw or chisel,
but hacking wood is easy compared to metal!
new old GE refrigerator aka glass stand

The cupboards could never be opened cause of the glass,
and there were some long lost treasures behind those doors.
Now I gotta cut those doors down or hide them somewhere!
more junk!

The wife is happy with the new extra large and clean fridge,
and I scored a ton of other good stuff.
Thanks Gary!
More on that later...


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