20 December 2012

real time

Anyone who has built a car or motorcycle,
knows that it's not one project,
it is a compilation of countless little projects.
modified 1940 ford front suspension

In some builds,
I've made the mistake of listing those steps too early,
and it can make the end result seem unrealistic and out of reach.
A long list can be overwhelming,
especially when you know each step is a couple hours,
and then there's all the unmentioned hiccups.
Like slogging through a mud pit.

Grateful Dead - Main 10 - 1970
The important thing is to keep focused,
and use any spare time to make progress.
original spring perch bushings

Removing the original Ford spring perch bushing or pivot
is one of those steps that can stall a project.
They don't come out easily unless I'm missing the trick!
torch hole

Here's a quick how to that I've already done for the rear suspension.
It takes a while but the end result isn't a smashed up spring perch.

First the ends are cut off,
then a torch hole is drilled out.
This takes the most time,
but keeps the torch work error free.
A hammer and punch and voila.
new cheesy spring perch

After some filing,
the new plastic spring perch bushings are pressed in.
Now the spring can be installed.

But nope.
It was time for our monthly TJ dental visit.
That's how it goes though.
At least I'm over the hump - the rest is easy!


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