01 November 2012

A Perich Halloween

Every Halloween we say we're going to get ready earlier.
This year we did just that and the kids were dressed up a half-hour faster than last year.
perich brothers and sister halloween 2012

In a stroke of brilliance,
they had actually prepared weeks in advance,
thanks to the help of the pb&s mom.
You know a costume is good when you see cheesy celebrities copying your ideas.
Hey I get my news from Yahoo what can I say,
and if you know what I'm talking about you're no better!
jake's uber long mohawk

In a test of everyone's patience,
it was time to fill the candy bags.

Surprisingly there were a handful of welcoming houses,
and a handful of families walking around our neighborhood,
way more than previous years.

There is a weird ritual that has evolved in this area of SD,
and that is packing into the van and going somewhere else to trick or treat.
Not sure if this is the same in every town or just a local phenomena,
but there is an intensity at the hot spots of Garrison St. and Plumosa Park.
halloween ritual - van

So we all packed in the van and joined in the migration.
Fortunately it's not too far.
navy kids van

We joined many other vanning families.
ultimate high topper van

Plumosa Park was packed as usual.
The homes really pull all the punches expecting crowds.
Jakob & Macey and some dead guy

Right now the wife and I are fortunate the kids want to hang out with us!
That comes with the expected photo-ops though.
spooky dead guy or gal

These guys always have the best haunted house.
plumosa park haunted house

This is what Jaxon's gonna look like when he gets older.
Jakob, Macey & Jaxon?

The night ended with the short van trip home.
We're still figuring out who left the candy wrappers in the bathroom!



  1. Fun time! I can hear you when it was time for them to go to bed... "Alright, I want everyone to thoroughly brush their teeth. Do you want to ride your bike around TJ to go to the dentista?" The thought of money being spent on dental repairs for five mouths enters your mind. "When you are finished, brush again! Use the fluoride mouthwash... yeah and the floss!"

  2. You know DG those thoughts crossed my mind.
    By 10pm,
    all I could say was
    "get to bed!"