02 November 2012

plunkin' away

All Jake wanted for his birthday was wads of cash.
What's the fun in that though when you just turn 11.
he'd probably get a couple bucks from friends and family anyway.
Perich Plunkin Target TM

No I didn't get him a beat up old can!

A quick trip down to the sporting good store,
and the perfect present was found.
A beretta 92fs airsoft gun!
We've already got a Daisy BB gun,
but these airsoft guns look a little more yard friendly.
And they are actually made to shoot at your friends!
Jakob shootin on the stoop

I screwed up and didn't take pictures of his friends poppin' shots at the can.
It was so hick and gangster.
Fortunately no injuries!
Now their parents know what to get them for christmas.
Jaxon, Macey & Jakob

It is rare when a present isn't destroyed or shelved from boredom after a couple days.
Over the weekend,
we found cheap bags of camouflage colored ammo at the swap meet.
Way better than having bright orange plastic littering the yard!
The kids (mainly Jake) plunked away.
holey chit

We had a clip by clip shooting competition.
Usually we would go 3-shots per round on the BB gun.
While hitting the can is easy,
hitting the target is tricky.
I feel confident we'd do OK in the zombie invasion.

The shoot'em up meandered to the cactus.
Kinda typical.
The airsoft is too weak to shoot at birds which is a good thing.
By the end of the weekend,
we figured out an even better plunking target,
dangling aluminum cans.
The sound is fun and a moving target is much more challenging.
firing range

Hey with armageddon coming on december 21st it's better to be ready!


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