09 November 2012

how to ship a transmission

Yesterday I had to ship out the transmission from the 40.
An early ford side shifter.
1940 ford transmission

It had done its service in the car,
and now it was time to help with the mechanical update.
Hopefully this will pay for the driveshaft!

I've found out that shipping is a money sucker.
USPS priority boxes really help when sending heavy stuff.
Unfortunately the USPS limit is 70 lbs,
and this weighed just a bit over at 75 lbs.

I'm not too familiar with shipping heavy stuff.
I've made wood crates and used bike boxes,
but I went to the internet to search any tricks.

On a random honda forum,
some guy shipped a tranny in a plastic crate.
Great idea!

How to ship an engine or transmission: Take notes

ripped picture of crated transmission

I scrounged around for a crate.
Got one that was a little too small,
and ended up trading it with the one we stashed our halloween junk in.
After feeling the quality of the bigger one compared to the cheaper one,
I think it was a good call,
as the rubbermaid brand is alot softer,
so it won't shatter when the UPS guy tosses it around.
packaging a transmission

I forgot to snap a shot of the tranny all wrapped up in cardboard,
but there is a bunch.
There's also doorskin plywood on the bottom.
Basically its a box within a box.
Shipping a transmission

My first thought was to roll a bunch of tape around the tote,
but tape never sticks really good to plastic.
I ended up drilling a bunch of holes in the top lip,
and securing the lid with zip ties and short 1/4-20 bolts.
It seemed bulletproof,
however I am gambling on the plastic not shattering.
Now I am extra glad I used the more pliable tote versus the clear one.

The UPS store guy was stoked to see it packaged like that.
He said the duct tape has a tendency to fall off on the rollers,
and rip when sliding around the trucks.

As we left,
a family was carrying in a similar tote covered in clear tape.
I'm bummed I didn't take a picture of it,
it was like saran wrap but actually packaging tape.
I guess lots of people know the tote trick!

Anyway since I searched on how to do this,
maybe this post will help out some other poor fool.
Now to just hope it gets there safely.


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