06 November 2012

when 7 is 8

Most of you probably know this weekend was daylight not savings time.
It takes a while to adapt to losing the early evening daylight,
but it also makes waking up early much easier.
That is unless you stay up the extra hour tricking yourself that it is earlier than it isn't.
james dean zombie towel

According to the clock the boys and I all woke up early,
but really 7 was actually 8.
Since we have the almost weekly ritual of scrounging around the sunday swap meet,
we rallied up to go.
Holey Chit!
The place was packed!
free jaxon!

(Chako was Jaxon's nickname for a couple years)

We walked around and everything was picked over.
It hurts seeing scroungers carrying out the early treasures!
70's or 80's schwinn 10-spd bmx awesomeness

In the far corner we spied the deal of the day.
A white 80's or so schwinn BMX conversion with Suntour drivetrain.
The seller was holding it for its new owner!
Aw shucks...
The bike was so bitchin,
but today only a picture would suffice.
Dang it if we had actually gotten up earlier!
schwinn stingray chainguard stickers

We had an actual purpose to go the swap meet,
and that was to have some stingray decals made for Jaxon's stingray.
She did an awesome job,
although the whole time I was kicking myself for not scoring that bike!

Jimi Hendrix - if 6 was 9
On the way home,
we spied a neon sign declaring an estate sale.
Gotta stop for that!
kidnap van or armegeddon vehicle?

People were swarming around like vultures.
Strange what happens to stuff when the owners die.
stool that needs refinishing

They lived into their 90's,
in the house since the 50's.
It was almost a shame to remove this old vice.
beat up Dunlap Vice

We were pleasantly surprised it was 1/2 off day,
so for less than $20 we got a bunch of consolation prizes.
descoware oatmeal  pot

Yeah a bunch of junk!

Anyway later that night I found out we missed the SD Velodrome swap meet!
Dang butt cheeks!


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