08 November 2012

heads and tails

The past couple years I've realized how similar yet opposite 2 brothers from the same womb could be.
A good reason to have 3 kids!
Jakob welding!

Over the weekend it was fun to see how the kids have different interests.
A couple posts ago I wrote how Jakob had taken a try at night welding.
He was chomping at the bit to try it the next day (sunday)
Jakob stick welding

I couldn't believe how quick he took to it.
Jakob welding

Fortunately no burnt hands or knees!
Even after at least 5 or 6 rods!
Gonna have to find some small gloves.

There was a perfect breeze in case your concerned about the smoke!
I couldn't believe how long this pass was.
First he'll focus on following a line.
Maybe make his initials or something.
Great start though!
Jaxon's schwinn ketchup and mustard stingray rebuild

Jaxon has been focused on completing his Stingray project.
schwinn stingray decals

The past couple month he has been amazingly persistent with getting the bike finished.
I've tried as much as possible to only guide him.
Showing him assembly tricks while using his own hands.
Most of the time he doesn't want to wait and I'm proud that he can figure stuff out.
His level of detail is very refined especially for a 12 year old.
All that model work really paid off!
Jaxon applying decals

That evening was time for his first ride since the rebuild.
I'll be posting a special "bike time" post later.
Jaxon - Stingray tune-up

As a parent,
I can only help them pursue their individuality,
while hoping they can remain friends in the process.

Good times!


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