24 November 2012

how to ship tires!

In my continuing saga of sending oddball shaped stuff across the country,
the next package of fun was this set of tires.
phoenix drag tires

Not sure really why I had these.
With no luck selling them locally,
they were destined for Wisconsin.
saran wrapped tires

Again I searched the internet for some help.
How do you ship these?
I found the easiest way to package these is not to box them,
but to basically wrap them up.
It's possible to ship tires unwrapped too,
but not worth the hassle if they get messed up.

These were front tires and the total weight together was about 30 pounds,
so it was possible to ship in one package.

While these aren't show tires,
you never know what's gonna happen in transit.
There is a possibility that the sidewalls could scuff each other without protection.

First the tires were wrapped in plastic wrap.
and both taped together nice and tight.

Since I didn't know what I was doing,
I considered wrapping them in that butcher paper,
and then make cardboard circles to make them solid.
This is actually when I did the internet search.

With the double wrap of thick paper,
and tons of packaging tape,
these should be fine for the trek out.
packaging assistant Macey

USPS was the cheapest by far although kinda slow parcel post - under $35.
UPS would be quick but even ground was $80,
which was more then the tires were worth.

The trip to the post office was interesting.
The smaller PO was way confused on how to measure these.
Fortunately I had used the USPS website and had a good idea of the price,
cause if I didn't I would have been charged double for an oversized package.
Also remember to get the bright green Confirmation/tracking #,
it's way worth that extra buck.

Hope this helps someone out!


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