16 November 2012


Have you had one of those days when things just don't go right?
Yesterday was a bit of a whopper.
To make it worse I misplaced my sunglasses and my ATM card.
It was time to hit the bottle!
I held off though,
as that is really the time to stay away!

To top it off,
I also had a solo visit with the TJ Dentista.
Holey Chit.
Probably not the best thing in my scattered state!
And it looked like it was going to rain.
dental tools

There was no time to push it off.
I'd been waiting months to finish this one molar crown.
An accident at the end of summer had screwed up her knee,
so standing for long periods of time wasn't happening.
I have been going with the wife on her monthly trips to the adjoining orthodontist,
but lots happened in that time.

For instance...
Before the accident she had taken an impression of the post needed.
The molar had a monster side cavity,
so there was a big hole.
Well the time that had gone by (august/september)
the remaining original tooth had cracked,
so instead of 4 walls like a cup,
she had to grind one side so there was now 3 walls!
nasty molar post-root canal hole 

Isn't that nasty!
Holey Mother of Chit.
This was before she ground out that weak spot.
I didn't even want to see it after the grinding.
Taking a deep breath just seeing this picture.

(There was a temporary filler in there,
so it wasn't like this between visits!)
big ole gold dental post!

It was a stretch saving that cracked part before we started,
so it wasn't totally surprising when she had to enlarge the hole.
The bummer was she had already made the smaller post,
and now it needed to be redone.
Since I'm going gold,
the post was gold too and could be remelted.

Now you know why it was important to get down there.
Check out how big that new post is!
gold molar post

It was too late to wait for the cement to fully set,
so I'll go down there next week,
and she'll form the tooth to fit a crown,
make an impression,
and I'll wait for the gold crown to be forged out.
No CNC work this is old school modeling.


Jerry Garcia Band - Lonesome and a Long Way From Home
26 October 1978 - Portland Oregon
Lost Live Dead: October 26, 1978 Paramount Theater, Portland, OR: Jerry Garcia Band/Bob Weir Band
78 is one of my favorite Dead years,
but not as much for the Jerry Garcia Band.
However there are some good tunes played,
and this one has a cool mix,
like your sitting right up front.
This song gets wacky by the 6th minute that's for sure!

I was too chicken to ride the bike down there,
as it's sketchy enough in the day time,
and a Tijuana dusk ride back wasn't worth the hassle.
The cool thing is we've taken so many taxi's down there,
I know a handful of drivers.
Some are really fun to talk with,
and this one (Carlos)  remembered going by the Calimax store for the rum bottle.
Bacardi Añejo Rum

The border walk went quick,
and I was back and forth in less than 2.5 hours including driving time.
Not bad at all.
On the drive back,
I even found out I left the ATM card in the old machine at the nearby bank.
The shot picture is fake.
I didn't even want a drink by the time I got home!


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