15 November 2012

rolling the dice - how to ship a monster receiver?

Regretfully I got rid of one of our old receivers.
It had been an extra on the shelf way too long.
Now that the old shop stereo is powering this computer,
it was the third extra.
sansui qrx-5500a quad receiver

Of course it didn't sell locally,
it sold to someone from Estonia.
Yeah that Estonia over by Finland,
about as far away from California as possible!

Fortunately I'm only responsible to get it to Florida,
but still that's on the other side of the country.
While it's not a really high-dollar piece of electronics,
there is value just as a cool piece of 70's solid-state technology
saran wrapped

I researched a bunch to see how to ship something like this,
and there are more horror stories then helpful tips.
Basically the common rule is a double box.
protective wrap

After removing the knobs,
I wrapped the receiver in saran wrap,
just in case it gets rained on.
Finally found a use for this weird fibery plastic wrap
I've been dragging around for years,
hopefully it will keep it from chafing from the ride.
Bottom line if something bad happens the parts will stay together!
big box

Not a fan of the big box stores,
but they are convenient and cheap.
pilot  Macey

With the help of my trusty sidekick,
we split the box in half,
then layered the inside with a bubblewrap and cardboard sandwich.
She wanted to pop those so bad.

The receiver fit the box perfectly,
with just enough room for some more cardboard and bubblewrap.

The most important part is encrypted messages to the new owner.
packaging assistant macey

The way the box was cut,
the 2 halves slide over each other,
so there's a nice thick doubled up sidewall.
first box

Now it was time to clean up the yard a bit.
This old furniture box finally can be used,
or at least part of it.

Most techies suggest a 2-3 inch gap around the original box.
So some  quick measurements and the protective box was cut up.

More layers of cardboard and bubblewrap were added.
Also used some doorskin wood for the bottom.
This was a good donor box,
as it was that triple walled super thick cardboard.
recycled packaging

All the gaps were filled with an assortment of recycled goods.
My favorites are old empty water bottles, halloween decorations...
double boxed receiver

 A whole roll of packing tape was used up for this thing!
That's 108 yards or a football field long of tape!

I screwed up and didn't take any final shots with a couple hand holds cut in,
and a bunch of FRAGILE markings.
I'm crossing my fingers this will get there in one piece!


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