30 November 2012

Santana at Tanglewood - 1970

Needed some background music tonight so searched youtube.
People have been uploading entire shows so its a good resource.
santana at tanglewood
ripped picture

Well man this was a surprise.
An entire SANTANA show from 1970.
Tanglewood -  Massachusetts - 18august1970.

If you're doing something,
stream this show while your doing it.

Before my Grateful Dead addiction,
there was Santana and the Allman Brothers.
Yeah I said it.
The early years were (to me) the best,
and so cool to get to watch them play back when they were rockin.

Good stuff...



  1. i have an hour till I have to get started moving. perfect for a one hour thrash and pack!

  2. Music is the grease of time!
    Or the opposite!