29 November 2012


The garage is a little tied up right now,
so old Chief has been parked out in the street.
In a way it's about time,
as it is a good excuse to drive around.

The funny thing is I always forget that to other people,
it's not normal to see an old hot rod.
In the past week,
I've met a couple neighbors or friends of neighbors,
just to talk about the old car.
Most don't have a clue to what it is,
but they like it and don't mind if it sets off their car alarms.
OK that's only one guy.
CHIEF - 1929 ford roadster pickup with hallock windshield

A quick story though that actually gave me the idea to type.

Jaxon & I drove down to the post office,
and on the way out there was an older gentleman checking out the car.
He said "in my day this was called a Hot Rod!"
I told him, "yep that's what I call it now...so did you have one?"
He said, "Well not really but my first car was a model A,
and the bearings were so shot the babbits were worn down to the metal.
My dad said to put bacon rinds in the caps to fill the gap.
Every sunday I would put some bacon rinds in there,
which would get me about 50 miles.
Enough to get to work and hopefully a date on friday or saturday!"

He stuck around to hear the engine roar,
and you could tell our couple minutes brought back a bunch of memories.



  1. I really dig this truck! and awesome story! Bacon! "Hot Rod" sounds right. Boy, can't wait to ride my truck...all I need to do is the alignment and tune up...but gotta slam the chinese truck first.

  2. bosozuka!
    Puts your story of building in the street to shame huh!