06 November 2012

big 270

I try to stay neutral on this blog about politics and religion.
It's the sure fire way to splash all the water out of a stagnant pond.
I'm fortunate that me and the wife can discuss and agree on things!

Fortunately we don't have cable to be forced to hear all the BS.
I mean what's more important,
the issues,
or a group of random TV people talking about 4 words said spur of the moment!

Whichever way you lean,
I think it is important to get out and vote.
Even if you get all your news from the Daily Show.
There is much more on the ballot then the big presidential 270.
All the offices and measures have an effect on how you want your way of life.
So put voting on top of your STD list (shit to do!)

Plus you get a really cool sticker!



  1. STD? it's a bummer the 270 doesn't mean much in california but it gives us time to research thing's that really affect us on a county and state level. oh and i think i have some of those asphalt photos....dunno how many from the driving part but ill take a look. nashville 78 is a goodie.

  2. STD = Shit To Do list!
    Maybe I'll edit it in there.
    Good to hear you were paying attention!
    Would be cool to see some pics!
    I'll have to check out that nashville run.
    They had a different sound when going through the hick states!