03 November 2012


I am totally amazed.
Last week I bitched and complained at how long I had to sit in line.
Really it wasn't that bad for a friday with no appointment,
I was just unprepared, hungry and a little antsy.
new california drivers license eaten by Jake's drawing

Well today I got the new drivers license in the mail.
8 days!
I'm really impressed at the speed,
and I don't look like an ex-con!
My YOM (year of manufacture) plates for the 40 took almost 3 months to clear,
so I was expecting at least a couple weeks.

If you haven't gotten one of these SecureCard's yet,
you'll be in for a surprise.
There's a ton of raised and embossed information like birthdays and signature,
and even a way more advanced q-code like scanning bar.

Of course this is all for chit as I've posted this picture up.
Since new computer programs are like episodes of CSI Miami,
where they can somehow discern a bar code from a liquor store video grab.
Yeah my wife likes the show what can I say!


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