07 January 2012

how to - blow out your ears

I've been trying to think of a good title.
How to...

 - keep your wife from freaking out
 - be a good husband
 - make a mini wall of sound
 - blow out your ears
 - sneak something cool in the house

JBL D-38
Klipsch Heresy
Kenwood KR-7600 

So if you remember I just got these bitchin Klipsch Heresy speakers.

perich brothers (and sister): heresy

Well I tried to temporarily hook them up in the house,
and they ended up lingering a little longer than expected.

pig sty

Since this is the main walkway from the rooms to the living room,
there was this weird maze-like path to walk.
Many times my wife stubbed her toes.
The plan was for one of us to kick out those Lego stands,
and smash a foot.
Never happened, almost though.

Well one night after work,
she was hanging out on the couch,
the perfect time to trick her and play some of her tunes.


the postal service - nothing better


I've got to say for a highly electronic non-instrumental sound,
the exact opposite of what I usually pump out,
the speakers made the song sound totally crazy.

I let her bathe in the sound of a couple songs,
and she hinted that it would be cool with the speakers up high...

what speakers?

The next day after work I cleared some space,
and stacked the speakers right at ear level.
When she got home after work,
she didn't say anything negative,
and was happy the walkway was clear.
was she too tired to fight it?

personal wall of sound
clean desk 

So today she had to work again,
and since I had the kids I knew exactly what to do.
Clean the desk,
throw up a picture,

perich brothers (and sister): bullfights, woodprints & paperbags

and make it look like the speakers were there all along.
This was the first time the wood was visible on the desktop for over a year and a half,
when my sister-in-law had cleaned it up and took all the change.
Funny thing is it took maybe 20 minutes!

desk mess
summer 2011

Hey it's come a long way since last year!
I just hope the little stand holds up.

perich brothers (and sister): how to - 70's cheeseball

stacked speakers

You know the job is done right when she comes home
and doesn't notice anything different for a while.
Definite win-win situation.

JBL D-38
Klipsch Heresy
Kenwood KR-7600

Yeah I know the speaker placement is totally wrong,
but man it sounds really good even kinda low.
Nothing like having 12 speakers - (8 cone/4 horn)
  2 feet from your head!


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