02 January 2012

apple not far from the tree

All our oldest kid Jaxon wanted for Xmas was an old Schwinn Stingray.
It looks like he's got the perich brothers hoarding gene,
so who am I to say no!

Jaxon and his 1974 schwinn stingray

After weeks of searching,
weeding through overpriced bare frames or project bikes,
and considering some pricey restorations,
this jewel popped up on craigslist.

Somehow I just happened to be trolling through CL,
and it was the 3rd ad down.
Fortunately we were the 1st of many callers,
and within 2 hours it was a done deal.

starting the collection

What really made this bike bitchin
 was that it was an almost complete original 1974 model,
except for the seat.
Jaxon only needed to replace missing tires and tubes,
and within an hour it was a rider.
All for less than a c-note = Score!

I've seriously got to make some room now!


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