02 January 2012


I didn't make any new year's resolutions this year,
but if I did one would be to try to clean up a little bit.

holey work pants

Every christmas or birthday I get some new pants and shirts,
and they'll usually sit in the dresser.
Anyone that works dirty knows that there will be a burn hole
the first day at the shop.

cheesecloth work pants

There is a beauty in having real work clothes though.
There are less limitations to what I am willing to do,
so as not to ruin a new $30 pair of Dickies.

lucky rags

There comes a time when even I know it's time to say when.
-when the grinding chispas go right through the cloth and burn my legs.
-when people give me change at the liquor store.
-when the cloth is so far gone I can't even cut them into shorts.

The tops are a different story.
I don't get a connection to just any old flannel or hoodie,
so when one makes the cut,
it's not easy let it go.

"pigpen" flannel

This flannel was a re-gift from "pigpen" Luke Brown,
back in the Ventura days.
Like the pants,
many, many projects have been built wearing this.
Sadly it was worn on an unexpectedly oily job,
and the oil is embedded in the cloth.
No way will the wife put it in the washer.
I did continue to wear it for a few dirty jobs after,
but it basically started ruining my shirts.
(dont mess with my t-shirts)
So the time has come.

"chavez" top

Obviously this light duty welding jacket  has seen it's time.
These are tough as they shouldn't be washed cause of the fire retardent.
I saved this one for a last really dirty boat job,
but it was past any usefulness well before that!

"working class"

This is how unlikely it is to give up on certain things.
My "working class" hoodie is a keeper,
even with the gaping grinder burn hole in the pocket.
Too much history with this one,
maybe next year.

"rusty" flannel

This is another one.
I've had this flannel for probably 9 years.
I screwed up and burned a nice hole in the sleeve way back,
but it's like a second skin.

Fresh way to start out the new year right?


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