03 January 2012


my name is Travis,
and I am an addict.

klipsch heresy
80-82 H-WL

My wife is at her wit's end.
Yesterday I tried to sneak these past her,
hoping she wouldn't notice.

what speakers honey?

I tried the old "have the kids super clean the house before she gets home" trick.
It almost worked.
Maybe if I'd cleaned my desk.


So what's the big deal?
Why do I need so many speakers?
I can only answer in a riddle.
It's all about the hunt.
The deal.
Really I wasn't looking for any speakers,
as there was another pair (still) listed for $650,
easy to pass on.
klipsch heresy


This set had popped up for less than a third of that,
and (you've heard this one before)
they were listed for about an 90 minutes.
The seller (jay) couldn't meet until later,
which gave me just enough time to do some of my own craigslist flipping,
as money is a little tight since christmas and rent.

I really tried to pass on them,
but it was too good of a deal.
The insides were so clean,
and the wood was just patina'd enough to be used either at home or shop.

klipsch heresy
removeable backside

These babies are called "Klipsch Heresy(s)".
They are a legendary speaker,
the model was built from 1957-1985 with only minor changes,
they actually made them with birch plywood,
not partical board.
(there is a heresy III still manufactured @ $850 a piece!)

They are also the "hot rod" of speakers.
Owners love to tweak them to get the optimum sound.
Every piece is reproduced or upgraded by these guys.
About Us | Critesspeakers.com
Klipsch Midrange | Critesspeakers.com

Klipsch pushed the horn type speaker,
instead of the more common cone type.
This has created both haters and lovers.

Since I've become a Klipsch fan,

It was obvious I needed to hear how it all began.

Klipsch Heresy innards


Check out that monster crossover and magnets.
These are built like tanks.

According to the serial number,
this pair was made in 1982,
which is probably a good thing,
as the insides will have slightly newer technology.
Possibly geared better for the types of music I listen too,
as competitors like the JBL 4312 focused on rock n roll.


Was it worth it?
So far, hell yea.
These things crank.
Right now they're hooked up to that 85 wpc kenwood kr-7600 (1978)
and the digital itunes music + the 99db sensitivity,
 it has a powerful sound.
Obviously my arrangement sucks,
as it sounds best standing by the door!

I'd love to stack them,
but they'll end up in the garage or shop.
Whatever it is I gotta figure something out,
my wife's gonna go crazy!


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