27 January 2012

you know you're a boat worker when...

There's not much worse ways to start and end your day,
than lugging heavy 5-gallon buckets or milk crates
back and forth down the dock from the boat and car.

aluminum scrap

For a couple days I used a dolly,
but since the buckets were overfilled,
they don't stack well.


The first night I made the box.
I'm planning on getting it banged up,
so it's more workboat than yacht looking.


jerry garcia & merl saunders - when I paint my masterpiece (bob dylan)

'72 - the first year jgb played this song.
Good twangy garage band version


I've been wanting to build this for a long long time.
This was the hardest part.

anthony brothers
tricycle and trailer

This Anthony Bros. tricycle and trailer have been yard art
in our various yards for the past 12 years.
Yes 12 years before we had kids,
3 kids.
It's never been used.
If you look closely,
the left pedal is missing cause there's no axle.

Two years ago I found a replacement fork/wheel,
 realized it wasn't a quick swap.
Than our youngest went on to bicycles.
Put it on craigslist cheap with no interest...

anthony bros. convert-o trailer

So like any true hot rodder...


let's part it out!
The wheels are bitchin.
They are an aluminum rim with bearings,
and a hard wagon type rubber tire.
(inflatable wheels are worthless on a work cart)


The original axle was about 5 inches short,
so after some cut and pasting...

custom aluminum dock cart

A roller was born.

Let's see how it works...

3 bucket dock cart

Passed the 3 bucket test,
that saves one long walk.

2 milk crate dock cart

Passed the 2+ milk crate test.
It's important to note there's 2 different sizes for these milk crates,
13" x 18.5" and 13.5"x 19".
Not sure why there's not an industry standard but there isn't.
A good base size is 20"x28" to leave some slop,
and a height of 9" so the handles don't cut fingers off when dropping in.

back seat dock cart

And for the most important test,
it fits in the back seat of the lincoln.
I made the handle removeable just in case to fit in the trunk,
but if it fits in here than it will fit in the van no problem.

It'll work but it's not quite finished yet.
Some drain holes and some strap holes and it should be good to go.

tools of the trade
stool and dock cart

With this little gem,
the plan is to not get so burnt after working,
that I can't post on here!

I'll be testing it at the BIG 3 swap too.

Hey AJ,
it's not a wagon!


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