28 January 2012

long overdue patch panel

 Last time I showed the old 40 project,
you may have noticed the swapped wheels.

new shoes
chopped and sectioned 40 ford coupe

I'm not sure if it was an attempt to clean up the shop a little bit,
or to get out of radiusing the rear fenders,
as the blackwall 750's couldn't be removed without unhitching the rear spring.
I'm not a big fan of whitewall tires and red rims,
but I really like the lowness of the 6.00/6.50 combo.


jerry garcia band - i'm a road runner
- there's a 12-31-75 version that kicks some harmonica ass,
but I can't find it on youtube.
This version rocks hard though -
(thanks pigpen!)


So much so I had this homeless guy model for me.

self portrait

I can't believe this thing is only shoulder high!

Fast forward 2 weeks and not much has been done,
except pile tool containers around the now raised car.

dust bunnies

That was enough instigation to get my act together and get dirty.
Friday night I put some effort in
and whipped up the missing passenger door frame.


It felt good to get back in the groove,
but I ran out of time to finish.
This morning (sat) I rallied back to the shop.


An hour and a half later the door panel was fit and tacked in.


It's tough to see but that silver chunk on the lower corner
was the pain in the ass that held up the project.
There's 3 long bends in it that needed hammering,
and basically it was just a pain in the ass
that took me 2 months to make in one hour.

perfectly dirty whitewall

None of that matters now cause it's done.
(Except for the 8+ feet of welding left to do all over the body)

Psychologically this is a big deal,
as this is the last big gap in the outer sheetmetal.

rear apron

Ok, except for the rear apron part which needs some help.
And the fact that there's a bunch of small lower rust patches and no floor.
But why be negative.

The kicker today was overcoming my concern for ruining my good pants.
perich brothers (and sister): retired
as they were graced with 6 new burn holes.


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