12 June 2011

how to - 70's cheeseball

I'm the stay at home Dad for the weekend.
What perfect time for an "arts & crafts" "how to" post.

Let's start with the problem...


As you can see,
trying to glamorize our computer sty in a sepia tone.
What more to say.

I had found these larger than bookshelf speakers on craigslist,
(Thanks Graham!)
tried to sneak them onto the desk area,
by using papers and paraphernalia to camouflage the big black boxes.
Nice huh!

The kids heard it from the wife and notified me my ploy didn't work.
I had even tried putting stuff on top of the speakers,
 to make it seem like they had been there longer than they were.
She's on it.

It would have been easy to put the speaker on top of the stereo,
but covering up the vent holes isn't good for it.
I had 2 hours before she went to work to knock this out.


This would be considered borderline stainless steel scrap...


This was scrap.
Our carpenter neighbor throws this stuff away all the time.
It's walnut veneered plywood.


I'm not ashamed to say that this was scrounged from next door.
It's some good chit.

(2:20 to know why this dead song is here...)
Hey don't laugh, if you were trippin at the playboy mansion in '69!

So with minutes to spare I was able to gather some fasteners and tools,
enough to finish it up at the house.


With Macey's help,
we wrapped it up pretty quick.
She had a great idea,
to tap (thread) the wood to fit 1/4-20 round head machine screws,
so the head is hidden on the bottom.
Smart girl.

baby monster receiver
kenwood kr-7600

So now the computer receiver/amp - Kenwood KR-7600,
blends in with the floor.

what receiver?

There's about a 3/4" gap I'm hoping will be enough ventilation.
I've got a backup fan idea,
a little computer fan type rig to plug into the receiver,
just in case.


The new shelf does the job perfect.
But the speakers,
a little too much of the Y2K cheese-ball with the black.

After a quick internet search,
we found a budget fix at Home Depot.

JBL D-38 speakers
70's style

With the help of a $7 roll of contact paper with a "tropical walnut" print.
These 1999 JBL "Decade Series" D38 speakers look straight out of the 70's.

I was looking for some monitor-like speakers for a while,
not too big as they are positioned about 3 feet from my ears.
JBL was known to make the ultimate 70's monitor speakers,
the 4311's and the L100's.
Yeah, I'd love a set but they are either too pricey or blown out projects.

These D38's have a 175 watt capacity!
They sound pretty dang good too.
I usually have the loudness button on,
and tweek the tone controls to compensate for the GD bootlegs though.
If you find a clean pair in the +-$50 range,
get em.

JBL D38 speakers
90's cheese with 70's cheese styling

I was impressed with this sticky vinyl fake wood stuff.
The print was hard to see in the package as its in a roll,
but it actually has a wood-like grain,
enough to fool the camera.

The best part is there's probably enough left in the roll do do these too!

boys and there toys
JBL CF-150 speakers

Just what I needed.
These were mislabeled on craigslist and were almost the same price as the D38's!
Perfect for the shop.

now that we're getting the 70's walnut motif...
america's hardwood

I better clean up the camouflage I left on the desk!

clean that chit up!

You guys are lucky -
I've got even more stereo posts coming up!


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