04 January 2012

the burb

Was rummaging through the computer and found some old pics.

1953 chevy suburban

This was our old family wagon.

jaxon and the suburban

I had rebuilt the 235 6-cylinder,
and put a 4-speed saginaw behind it with a 3.23 10-bolt posi rearend,
and nova disc brakes up front.
For a big tank of a SUV,
this thing cruised so smooth.

old chevy 6

It had the stock single barrel intake,
it just ran too well to want to screw with it.
The chromed fenton headers so sounded cool,
and we had push-button flame throwers out the back!

chevy truck homebrew lowering kit

I lowered it by flipping all the main leaves,
and cutting down all the spring hangers.

custom spring clamps!

Check this out for the spring clamp modification!
Usually there was one bolt through the middle.
Crude but effective!
Hope it's still together!

1953 chevrolet suburban

I loved this old heap,
but there were a couple things which pushed us to get rid of it.
First off it only had 2 doors,
and it only had one half seat in back.
With 2 kids it was just a hassle.

the perich boys

Also I had found a sweet 1940 coupe,
and there was no way I could get it without the suburban as a down payment.
You gotta do what you gotta do!



  1. It was sold to a guy up in the Santa Cruz area.
    Keep an eye peeled for it!