27 December 2013

xmas thrash

In typical Perich Brothers & Sister's fashion,
a great idea for a token family gift popped up,
two days before Christmas!

The kids and I had a fun time figuring out a couple different cross shapes.
That first evening was spent cutting cardboard templates,
and I'm bummed to not have taken any pictures of the mess.
In very rare fashion,
by the time I brought out the camera,
everything was cleaned up!
Jaxon Perich - drillium machinist - 2013

The cross templates were laid out to get the most from the aluminum plate.
These took much longer than I expected to cut,
and by the end of our work night we had a pile of rough blanks.
holey chit

The next day we realized how much time this was going to take.
We had a pile of roughly cut aluminum crosses,
designed with no straight lines or right angles.
Basically the most time consuming designs we could come up with!
I had a couple obligations,
and the boys did an amazing job hand-filing the crosses on the vice.
Really cool to see them take charge like that.
Again I'm bummed to not have a picture or two...
Jakob Perich - engraving machine - 2013

A huge surprise when I got home.
I was expecting a long evening of filing,
and instead the crosses only needed the lightest cleanup.
The edges were hammered out,
softening up the squared file marks,
and the hard part was about to begin.
perich brothers & sister -child labor- 2013

At this point we could have done a quick sanding and polishing,
and called it good.
Remember our bout with engraving a couple months ago?
Now it was time for the kids to show their stuff.
An outline was drawn out,
and it's hammertime.
Of course this started just as the sun went down!
Notice the single light bulb...

They really got the swing of things after the first couple,
then their attention span was just strong enough to finish the pile.
They were a metal engraving machine.
perich brothers & sister - hammertime - 2013

Meanwhile Macey and I hammered out the date stamps and their initials,
and each cross was brushed on the old wire wheel.
Holy Water

Now for the finishing touches.
A simple paracord loop,
and some HOLY WATER to seal the deal.
Yeah we just happen to have some in our secret stash!
This was passed on from our Auntie Fifi.
blessed cross

We were able to finish much earlier then expected,
and with enough for our immediate family.
There is still an unfinished pile though!
perich cross 2013

Happy Holidays from the Perich Family!


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  1. So nice. Very fine work. Bet u all hade a great time.