04 December 2013

MMW autopilot

Two weeks ago was Jakob's birthday.
He waited patiently for swap meet time,
and of all things he picked out a cheapy skateboard blank.
This was a concession to him not getting one of those plastic Penny boards.
Why follow a trend right?
Jakob Perich - 2013 - never bored-never board

He had this wacky idea of painting it with splash graphics,
something from an era that I lived in that had happily passed by.
Well dang it if I didn't get a series of "how to" pics,
as he figured out the method with the help of the internet.
I was amazed how well it turned out!

You can see he did a basic sunburst background,
then with a dish soap overlay got the black splash shadow.
See why I take so many pictures,
that definition doesn't make any sense!

What was I doing that was so important?
Well I was trying to eliminate this nastiness underneath the green 40,
which meant greasy hands don't touch the new iphone!

As time has gone by,
the suspension had begun to sag.
This is typical as the leaf springs learn how to hold the weight.
The side effect was the radius rods smashing the transmission pan!
Good thing it was sheetmetal as it basically conformed around the links.
stool time

The fix was easy,
a couple 3/8" aluminum spacers to raise the engine and transmission.
The radius rods pivot on that clamped ball,
so there isn't a huge amount of space needed for the first foot or so,
as this suspension has maybe an inch of upward travel.
custom grip tape templates

Meanwhile Jakob had made a design for his custom grip tape.
He's learning templates are key to the fabrication process!

▶ Medeski, Martin and Wood - Austin, TX, 1996-04-13 - YouTube

As the day progressed into evening,
neither of us could stop with our projects,
pushed by our desire to see an end result,
In the background this crazy music would have derailed many others,
but in our case it was like fuel to the fire,
both of us in the zone.
Get out of our way!
team perich

While he finished his deck,
I made templates for a temporary floorboard.
rat rod road sign floor

Some day I'll make a real tranny hump and do it right,
but these plates will work for now.
No more lost wrenches, change and screwdrivers falling down this hole!
holey chit

In true Perich Brothers fashion we finished by dinnertime.
Pretty wild for a 12 year old kids first try at a custom grip tape!
stance socks and wavy tape

Don't you think this is better than a Penny board?


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