10 December 2013

blue tarps

I'm a newbie on instagram,
but it hasn't taken long to learn how to play the game.
Last week there was a hot rod photo contest to win some shwag,
and it got me to thinking like a photographer instead of a picture taker.
chief and the blue tarps

Only a couple days ago I had posted up here one of my top 10 pictures of the pickup.
There was no way to take credit for someone else's shot,
so I figured no problem,
I'll roll down there early and snap a couple quick cellphone pics.
How hard could it be -  I've got an Iphone now!?
1929 ford roadster pickup -
photo by Steve Sexton - 2013

Here's the shot I was trying to get.
Crisp and bright,
the hot rod absorbs the perfect color out of the surroundings.
I love it.
1929 ford roadster pickup
photo by ummm...me...

And this is the shot I got.
Granted it was 7:30 on a saturday,
and there was a chance of rain,
but holey chit it's like that 80 year old lady that smears lipstick all over her face,
thinking she's still in the game.
Effing ridiculous.
For all you serious photographers thinking instagram is gonna put you out of business,
don't worry about it.
This washed out photo looked decent on the miniature phone screen,
even with all the blue tarps.
Maybe formatting pictures the same shape as a polaroid was a bit of a hint...


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