01 January 2014

more low budget goodness

First off here's a Happy New Year to everyone!!
Hope 2014 works it's wonders...
1940 ford deluxe interior

For xmas all I wanted other than world peace and good health to all,
was this cheesy gauge set.
Yeah I'm easy.
equus gauges

I've been flying the 40 blind ever since it first ran.
No gauges,
just the trust that the engine ran solid in the Lincoln.
1940 ford dashboard

The original 6-volt gauges could probably work with some resistors mods,
but they never worked quite right even with the flathead.
hot rod gauges

How could anyone resist this shiny setup!
Still $40 at the parts store.
These are mechanical gauges,
easy to install and usually relatively precise.
(other than the dang lights)
At least they don't have bright orange pointers like Chief's.
1940 ford dashboard

From this vantage point they look just right.
After a couple drives it was a relief that the engine has ran cool this whole time.
custom shifter boot

The one thing I have wanted to do was make a metal tranny hump.
For now that project is on hold.
The cardboard temporary has been holding up well,
and the atmosphere is now not an extension of the engine bay,
until the engine heats up a bit.
Then the fumes funnel right up the shifter hole.
Let's see how long this custom shifter boot will last!


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