12 December 2013


 Here's one of the perks driving a gas guzzling white van.
no turns

Dropped by my parents house,
and they were doing some major sewer line work.
Only stopped for a couple minutes,
and figured what the heck,
the worst they could say is move the van.
van parking only

Funny thing is the guy was in the hole,
and he looked at me like I was dropping off a tool,
or maybe their lunch,
and then he just went back to work.
point loma sewer line work

Just to clarify here,
I had to go down the street to unload something in one of their cars,
not a special trip just to take a couple pictures!
In retrospect,
the bummer here is I didn't go back to scratch my name in the new concrete!
210,000 - 2001 ford e350

On a special note,
the van recently broke 210,000 miles!
Which reminds me I gotta change the oil...


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