05 December 2013

rain man and the sun

You know how they say "every story has a picture" right?
Ok here goes.
rain gear

For the past couple months,
old Chief had been parked outside under the swap meet not-so-ez-up,
instead of in the cozy garage.
As time passed I had gotten a bit too comfortable leaving it out.
The tarp structure was decent protection in the rain,
but I was in denial about the thick morning fog.
It's like having the family dog,
you pet him a couple minutes a day,
then boot him outside when he pees in the house.
No that's not quite it is it...
ford 8ba flathead

Ok where were we.
Car is outside,
left it in the moisture...
Oh yeah.
It's easy to guess wtf was going to happen.
Hard or hardly starting,
misfiring on acceleration,
generally not wanting to run.
After 10 years I didn't need a doctor to know what was going on.
The garage spot was cleared up,
put the old heap back in the dog house.
perich brothers (and sister): do as I say not as I do
I would have put all the chips on this bet.
It's stool time.
stool time

I cracked the 2-part distributor cap open,
hoping to find this mess inside. 
vintage flathead mallory distributor cap

Whew this is what I wanted to see,
an easy fix.
I could quash my back-up plan of converting the 6-volt to 12 volt,
and running a pertronix electronic ignition unit.
If you look closely,
those little needle things are supposed to be clean sharp brass,
not hairy corroded miniature donkey dicks.
dirty mallory distributor cap

Do you notice how clear and bright this picture is?
There's a story behind that too.
I had taken my last remaining 34 watt bulb to a friends house for a yet to be published project.
It took me longer to search the garage for a working drop light,
than to actually file and reassemble the distributor parts.
Remind me not to forget to pick that thing up!
the sun

Out of the 3 or 4 clamp-lights none were working,
except for the dark heat lamp that gives off blue light.
But what have we here...
This massive bulb had been on the work bench for months,
as there was no other safe place to store it.
I didn't even know if it worked or not,
I've just been working around it all this time.
Holey Chit.
This thing lit up the garage like the sun.
I almost had to wear my sunglasses.

You'd think I'd go for a spin.
I had nothing to drink,
nothing to hold me back,
other than a warm dinner and a waiting family.
Hey dog,
we're gonna have to play ball another time...
chief - 1929 ford roadster pickup

The next day I'm ready to get some work done.
Load up the pickup with some tools and shoot out.
Do you think I noticed the dark clouds looming overhead?
The unusually strong winds?
Hey I checked the IPHONE weather and there was no rain forecast.
hot rod - 1929 ford roadster pickup

The thing is I love driving in the rain,
I used to intentionally go out in full rain gear,
just cause its fun.
I've got pre-blog era rain stories that will bore you to tears.
What I don't like is parking in the rain,
especially with no hood and a bed full of tools.
Ahh well it's just a car right?


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