09 December 2013

half mast

This morning I woke up with a decision.
(ok this was sunday!)
Rally to the swap meet or how about a bike ride for a change.
My lungs and heart could definitely use a workout,
and the last thing I needed was more junk to fill our house!

There was actually very little decision making.
Lying in bed I had already imagined the ride,
and the bike that I'd use.
Smooth like butter...
1973 schroder 12-speed road bike

Geez how long had it been?
It took about half an hour to clean off all the dust and webs,
fill up the tires and lube up the mechanicals.
Better to spend time now then take the walk of shame home.
fort rosecrans cemetery

The destination was the Point Loma Lighthouse,
or at least the turnaround spot.
Round trip is barely 9 miles,
not too much flat,
an even mix of up and down hills.
A typical ride time is about 45 minutes,
an hour if I take the long detour.
Remember how I just said I'd imagined the ride?
Holey hellfire!
The first quarter mile is a long hill,
and I realized quick this wasn't going to be about speed.
Right off the bat my legs were burning.
Uh oh...
Keep my head down and revolutions up...
Fort Rosecrans Cemetery

I had a good clip on the main road,
but was passed by a group of tightshorts.
Now I'm the guy that riders try to pass.
On a good note,
they were winded and took a break at the checkpoint,
and I turned around and kept going.
Turtle and the hare my friends...
half mast

Seeing how the Pearl Harbor date had just passed,
it was fitting coincidence to ride through the cemetery.
A very humbling place.

On to some apple pancakes and more regular rides in the near future!


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