17 December 2013


After 2 months I am finally free.
It has taken that long for my fingernail to finally fall off.
perich brothers (and sister): throbber
perich brothers (and sister): mechanic or welder?

The first couple weeks were no problem.
The last week or two is when it starts becoming a hassle.
The nail is like a hook waiting to snag.
zombie nail

I did have a couple tricks.
The first is not cutting it.
I've made the mistake trimming the loose part of the nail off,
and it just makes it easier to catch on stuff.
I think it also prolongs the time,
as there is no leverage for the nail to loosen its suction.
The most important thing about keeping it whole,
is the last couple days,
as it is possible to tape or bandaid the finger around the nail.
This is crucial.
You may think its easy to just twist or slide off.
I guess I'm a chicken I tried purposely and accidentally.
hand model

Here's my main tip,
and the kids benefitted from it as well.
We're always on the kids to do their chores,
and washing dishes seems like it takes the most bitching.

They were lucky for a couple weeks,
as instead of barking at them,
I'd just wash the dishes.
It was so peaceful.
The side effect was the nail would get waterlogged,
than super dry,
a couple times a day.
I think this helped weaken the grip.
the gimp

The nail fell off without much fuss one morning.


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