17 December 2013


We've been using the green 40 as the daily driver as much as possible.
As a town car its great for me,
but there are some concessions.
One of them is no real floor...

There is so much heat coming through its time to start plugging some holes.
I figured to go from the top down,
starting with the steering column.
holey chit

A quick template was made,
and some scrap aluminum was cut out.
Normally I'd use road signs...
not quite

I've had this idea simmering for a while,
and it totally changed once the pieces took shape.
Prototype stuff usually comes out better on the fly.

Definitely a temporary-permanent fix here.
Once its covered in carpet it'll be hidden.
I'll do a little more trimming,
and then seal the hole up with some 1/4" rubber hose
cut with a slot lengthwise,
forming a gasket while keeping the column sturdy.
trippy engineering

Since I was on a roll,
the tranny hump template was cut out of some recycled boxes.
tranny hump

It sure would be nice to have a machine to make this all into metal...


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