02 December 2013

quarter ring

This week was the kids thanksgiving break.
Except for a day trip to Camarillo,
most of their time was spent keeping out of trouble.
hand - 2013

Jakob is really good at never being bored.
Somehow he found out how to make a ring out of a quarter.
A Canadian quarter...
Jakob Perich - 2013

We found the perfect hammer,
and he was on his way.
Cool he's using the anvil too.
hammering a quarter ring

By the time I had finished rearranging the shed,
he had carved out the center with a drill, file and dremel tool.

Then it was time to do a dishtowel polish job.
Who needs machinery when you've got muscles...
quarter ring

The ring was originally intended for his Mom,
but there was either not enough hammering or too much.
I was happy to receive it!
Next time we'll find an old silver quarter.


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