06 December 2013

human winch

We finally cleaned out the side area enough to stick the coupe there.
It had been sitting on the trailer a little too long,
and seemed better to move than to entice anyone with bad intentions.
Better to have it safe for the coming rains.
human winch

If you remember I had modified the trailer,
but had never added the winch.
Something that would take 4 holes and a couple bolts.

Who needs a winch when you've got a kid as strong as myself,
and one of the stronger bumpers in the vanning community.
It's taken years to carefully prune Jaxon into the powerhouse he's becoming.
jaxon perich - 2013

We didn't even need to tilt the trailer.
The rope friction trick worked great,
no injuries to us, the car or the fence!
Looks like the winch will wait til next time.


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