08 December 2013

the day obecians ruled the earth

Yesterday was one of those almost rainy days,
the type that makes us southern californians drive like crazy,
and use as an excuse to not do any work.
Most of us anyway,
I did put some time into this electrical project,
and stayed off the road.
Perich Brothers at the OB Xmas Parade - 2013

After the drizzle the boys and I finished up errands,
and made it to the tail end of the OB XMAS Parade.
Obecians were lucky the clouds had parted just in time.
The parade was a bit of a surprise for the kids,
they thought we were going to get some Mexican food.
We parked a bit high on the hill,
and joined the swath of looky-loos funneling down to Newport.

We hung out at the staging area,
but got caught up in this funky marching drum circle,
complete with dancing girls and a hippy truck.
We followed the beat down to the beach.
perich  brothers - what the...

The kids were probably a bit overwhelmed,
as OB does not host your normal christmas parade.
What other city has stripper poles on a dragon float?
That's what makes it fun.
Not many spectators are sitting in their lawn chairs,
young and old,
many are wearing some kind of xmas cheer,
and most are enjoying a red-nosed buzz.
Sure they might be overwhelmed now,
but let's see what happens in a year or too...
Holey Chit...

I told you we were following this drum beat!
There were enough change-ups so it never got old.
Heck I'm glad to have these videos for later!
f100 float


It was a good time although sadly without our girls.
Very concentrated and very brief.
In the old days this would have marked the time to start partying.
Now its the time to go home, warm up and flip on a movie!

Hay wey!


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