14 October 2013


I try not to whine too much on this blog,
but this little incident has a direct effect on my typing ability.
Although it is easier to swish my good fingers around the new iphone,
I've got to man up and keep posting!

Dang look how clear and crisp that photo is!

It all began yesterday,
I was packing the 40 with a couple tools.
This was out in the front though,
a slight uphill incline.
work truck

Next thing I know - BAM...
and that not too familiar sensation of pain.
The decklid had slammed down.
1940 coupe rear - frenched license plate

There was no compromising the mission,
just shake it off and get chit done.
It did make me think.
What is your least favorite minor injury?
Cut, smash, burn, scrape, splinter...
Most don't really hurt til the day after,
like in the early morning when there's a throb with each heartbeat.

Anyway it's a good  chance to show the possible culprit.
The rear of the june bug 40 was smashed in when I got it.
There was never a latch and it would bounce up and down.
This lasted at least 2 years,
fixed using a piece of rope tied to the bumper.
Finally I couldn't stand it any longer,
and fabbed up an experimental solution out of scrap.
temporary permanent

Now there's a magnetic latch.
It's about 80% effective.
Not too hard to open although it takes strong fingers,
and it will bounce or jiggle a bit on decent bumps.
I made it way too strong for any quick modifications.

I'm thinking this may be the culprit.
That extra weight is just enough to tire out the springs.
I've been bonked a number of times.
Stay tuned for the possible fix...


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