15 October 2013

the life divine

This year the boys school day starts at 7:20,
a huge contrast to last years 9AM morning lollygag.
They seem to appreciate that weekends are for sleeping in,
so we've been passing on the sunday swap meet hunt.

Hooking up the record player gave us a little stimulation,
and we had a late 8AM start to check out the goods,
maybe get a couple records.
It's funny for 14 years my life revolved around those 4 letters!
(ventura days)
fat tire mags

This guy had the best stall,
unlike any other in the lot.
This fat tired BMX bike was super cool,
to look at anyway.
If you study the pic he had a J-2 tri-power manifold,
an old mallory distributor for a SBF,
some '38 chevy taillights,
a bunch of cool stuff but from his prices he knew it.
pioneer sx-750

Things were slow until we ventured into the regulars corner,
the place where the same sellers sell the same stuff.
In the back of a stall lay a dusty receiver - a 1976 Pioneer sx-750.
The treble knob was missing and the tuner control was very stiff,
but for $25 we didn't even haggle with the guy.
pioneer sx-750 dirty nudie shot

I should have expected something like this to happen.
As soon as the back table was cleaned up,
something shows up to fill the spot.

Are you guys ready for possibly the rippingest guitar duo of all time?
This will either scare the holey chit out of you,
or help you to conquer any obstacle in your path.
It's a 9:30 epic that will leave you sweaty and out of breath.
I'd like a loop of just the first minute of drums,
 but holey moley the ending - so climactic you'll want a smoke.
This is what 70's high powered stereo systems were made to crank.
Give it a shot,
just don't drive while listening you'll be flying down the road.
Jaxon had the stereo hooked up before breakfast,
and surprisingly it had a clear and equal sound.
Scratchy controls from sitting unused,
but nothing a cleaning couldn't fix.
For now a quick vacuuming would do.
This is rated at a healthy 50 watts per channel,
much deeper sound than the little kenwood.

After breakfast I couldn't help but get distracted by the flaky wood vinyl.
I remembered an earlier project,
and dug through the garage for the materials.

I carefully selected the best grained vinyl walnut veneer.
As any woodworker knows this takes years of apprenticeship.

Every skill guided me to this exact point,
within minutes the sides were like new.
1976 or 2013?

If only I had this sticker to really finish it off.
Oh well.
genuine simulated wood grain finish sticker

I was too lazy to do the top.
There were no beer rings or candle burns to hide anyway.
pioneer sx-750 and friends

Check out the back of this thing.
Theres a neat ledge or shelf for the connectors.
pioneer sx-750 rear

Now the predicament is what to do with them.
The idea was to have a cheap beater stereo for the outside shop,
and these are almost too nice for being almost 40 years old.
I better replay that tune...


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