13 October 2013

ultimate kitchen accessory

What new piece of technology could create this much amazement?
Check out the awe in the kids faces.
jaxon & jakob perich - 2013

Searching for old electronic stuff had dwindled.
Not from lack of interest,
more from necessity.
As of last week it seemed like 4 complete stereo systems was enough.
After using the wifes blue-ball-ic ipod charger/player down at the yard,
a new quest had begun.
All I needed was a lo-fi system to use with some bookshelf speakers.
kenwood kr-2400 receiver

On craigslist everyone wants $50-80 for a $20 stereo.
A couple weeks ago I found a $20 60's kenwood tk-140,
and it was a bust.
Then this little jewel was posted up,
and after a few messages and emails the guy finally replied.
kenwood kr-2400

Here's a tip -
never go barefoot to a craigslist seller's house.
The guy was super nice and a deadhead/rocker,
but he had the typical single older dude house.
This little receiver was rescued from his sticky kitchen.
Thankfully he didn't have a dog or cat,
but I'm still not sure why his floor was so wet.
He had it hooked up and it sounded clean and equal...
the deal was struck.
kenwood kr-2400 nudie

As soon as it arrived at the house I had to wipe it down.
The stickiness carried the pungent smokey sent.
Lucky that the inside was pristine.
A couple minutes later and it was a new machine,
no scratchiness and all the lights worked.
technics SL-1401 turntable

At 17 watts per channel,
this was made to push little speakers.
For some reason I thought of my stashed turntable,
and all of a sudden it turned into a bitchin little tabletop player.

The kids were seriously amazed at seeing the record player in action.
They had never seen one actually work.
How can the needle read that groove?
It only took a couple tries to learn how to work the arm and hold a record.
They loved the scratchy phonograph sound,
even the periodic skips or the fact they couldn't stomp on the floor.
kitchen wall of sound

They both had such a fun time,
I had to clean up the back table,
hoping the wife wouldn't notice the new digs.
partial record collection

And maybe she won't see these either.
What better reason to organize or at least rearrange?
Our record collection isn't very extensive,
but the kids dug up a few that made me proud to see their interest.
They played some dead, gorillaz, wes montgomery, santana, led zeppelin...
Now they have something to search for - uhoh record hunters!

If you've got 50 minutes to spare,
maybe a long drive, some cleaning, work...
Give this album a try - SANTANA CARAVANSERAI
I love it,
must have heard it a million times.
It's reads as 11 songs but it's really one long groovy ride.
Pure 1972 goodness.
I'll make you a bet,
play it 3 times and if you still don't like it,
well I'll give you another suggestion!
Kenwood kr-2400 receiver + technics sl-1401 turntable

Anyway now I'm in trouble.
It's so convenient to have a kitchen stereo system.
There's no need to crank the living room systems to get decent sound.
Guess the hunt will continue...


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